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Gracie | Buffalo, NY Family & Lifestyle Photographer

March 27, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Just a few weeks ago sweet Gracie turned two and I was invited to her home to photograph her with her family so that I could document their life now, during this special time. I love visiting this family because every time I walk through the door I am greeted to two of the most adorable little girls with long bouncy curls, and it brings me such joy! They remind me so much of my own two little girls, who are nearly 7-8 years older. It's just too much, my heart almost bursts.

I am so happy that I can capture these moments of playtime, snuggles, laughs and love for this family because this time, while these girls are little, is fleeting.  That is why I whole heartedly believe and encourage families to commission photography sessions at home. As a lifestyle photographer I will gladly spend the time with you in your own environment and light with your family, and in the end you will have priceless images to look back on over the years. Are the poses always perfect? No, not always. But the joy and the connection is there and real, every time.

Below are a few of the images Gracie's Mom loved most from her session. Thank you Juliane and Justin for continuously trusting me with your family's precious moments in photographs.





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