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Put Your Records On | Kids Recreate Popular Album Covers

February 06, 2018  •  2 Comments

Hello! Welcome to the ELM Images Blog!

This past winter my best friend Stacy and I held our annual family project with our kids. In past years we've done fun things like recreate well known movie posters, scenes from childhood favorite cartoons and dressed our kids up as superheroes in a downtown setting.

Our 2017 project was all about album covers. Below you will find the images we recreated as well as the originals that were the inspiration. This was a HUGE project, hours of planning, photographing and editing. We recreated every single thing from the costuming, to the final image with the backdrops, fonts and all. We could not have pulled this off if it weren't for the willingness of our kids to participate, the awesome talent of Janet our Grandma/Seamstress, the Internet (I mean who knew that there was actually a "Barry Manilow Font" in the world??) and candy! A BIG thank you candy for keep our kids motivated through the multiple costume changes and poses!

For obvious reasons we chose the albums below because they suited our kids' looks, style and sometimes even their personalities. This project in no way reflects only our favorite artists, there were so many more we wanted to include and couldn't because we didn't have the right kids to pull it off, or that we just didn't have the time or resources to. We definitely put a lot of careful thought into what we knew we could accomplish with our kids. 

We hope you enjoy the results from this past year's project. To see more from other years you can follow this link or this one two! Please feel free to share this blog on the Internet! We love shares! For the amount of work that went into this project we would love for it to be seen by many! Thank you for visiting!


Please feel free to leave us comments! We would love to hear how much you enjoyed looking through these images! Feel free to share the link to this project for others to see! Thank you!


Cathy Ann Sterling(non-registered)
Really fun looking through these! I am a professional photographer myself and think this project must be a lot of fun for all of you involved! Great work!
Laurie Jacobson(non-registered)
This is very creative!
Laurie Jacobson
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