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Leah & Andrew | Married | Buffalo, NY Wedding Photographer

October 22, 2015  •  1 Comment

Leah married Andrew on Friday October 9, 2015!

I was so anxious that week leading up to Leah and Andrew's wedding day, wondering if we would have the weather we needed to capture Leah & Andrew's first look the way he had planned to, outside among the beautiful fall foliage and garden at the Rose Garden at Delaware Park in Buffalo, NY.

Guess what?!

It was a PERFECT afternoon! The overcast sky, with occasional gentle wind is a photographer's dream come true! I am so glad that we could photograph that moment of Andrew first seeing Leah in her gorgeous wedding gown exactly the way Leah, Andrew and I had envisioned. But before we show you highlights from their October 9th wedding let me first give you a little background on how we know these two crazy kids.

We've shared a few special days with Leah and Andrew over the past two and a half years. We first met them at a wedding we photographed in February 2014 of their friends Jenna and Louis. Remember those two and the classic wintery wedding day photo with the horse and carriage?  Turns out that Andrew bumped into me while I was hard at work photographing  Jenna and Louis on the dance floor cutting a rug. I do not recall this moment, but I know Andrew does. He thought I was mad at him, and apologized for bumping into me. Apology accepted, and Andrew you are very silly. 

For those of you that are taking the time to read this blog and don't remember Jenna and Louis, well here, let me remind you. Such sweet and lovely couple. Such a perfect moment.  (PS-Hi Jenna and Louis!!)


I should also give a shout out to my long time friend, teacher, runner, DJ and photographer extraordinaire, Jeff Tracy. He suggested to Jenna that she give me a call when she was looking for her wedding photographer. It’s all about who you know, and I guess I knew the right guy! Here he is below busting out the sweet beats at Jenna and Louis' wedding. Hi Jeff!

Then we spent more time with Leah and Andrew when Amy,  Jenna’s best friend for life and Andrew's sister, wed Cole, Leah's brother in July 2014.  You might have to read that again to get the relationships understood. If I had time I would draw you a graph of this relationship triangle, but Leah and Andrew have waited long enough to see their wedding day blog. LOL!

Amy and Cole's wedding day was another wonderful experience that resulted in some of my favorite wedding day portraits. Amy and Cole are so sweet together, photogenic, joyful, and Amy's beautiful smile goes on for days, doesn't it? Below is one of my most loved Amy and Cole moments from their day. (Amy and Cole! Hi you guys!)

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for, the newest addition to this fabulous wedding trilogy, highlights of details and moments from Leah and Andrew's wedding day! We had such a fun time over these past few years getting to know and love you both, your families and your friends. We look forward to the next time when we see you again! Without a doubt it will be a good time!




Loved what you saw and want to let me know? Please do! Blog comments are so fun to read!!  Thank you!





Patricia Weber ( my husband is Cole & Leah's Mom's Cousin)(non-registered)
Your pictures are just beautiful and capture the Love between Cole & Amy and Andrew & Leah! It is so ironic the way the three couples all know each other and that Amy & Andrew are Sister and Brother ....and Cole and Leah are also Sister and Brother. I am so happy that you put these pictures on your blog for all to see. Thank you... Once again they are all great pictures!!!
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