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July 17, 2015  •  1 Comment

In early June I was approached Carla, my neighbor, to take some family photos. She said she and her husband Daryl had been meaning to get some taken for a while, as well as photos for their youngest daughter Abby to celebrate her turning 16.   I am ever so grateful that she thought to ask me. I was excited to photograph this special family and give them beautiful moments to treasure. 

I first met Carla in 2008, just after my daughter Josephine was born. She walked down to our house with a pot full of delicious soup and a fresh loaf of bread to help us in the transition of bringing our baby home. We have had occasional chats here and there over the years and run-ins at the local coffee shop.  Every time I have the pleasure of chatting with Carla it is always a blessing. We mostly talk about experiences with our kids, with her beautiful girls being 10 years or so older than mine she has a lot of wisdom to offer me.  Carla brings such refreshing peace and love into conversations, the kind of chats that could go on for hours if life allowed it.  

I hope that Carla and her sweet family can always look at these moments we captured and feel the love that was there as we took them.

Thank you Daryl, Carla, Olivia and Abby for this precious time with your beautiful family. 









Thank you Daryl, Carla, Olivia and Abby for sharing these photos. Liz did a great job capturing the love that abounds in your family. I particularly like the black and whites of Daryl and Carla and of Daryl and the girls. Love to you all, Carole.
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